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I am a new day rising

I'm a brand new sky to hang the stars upon tonight...

1/9/06 05:43 pm - New times.


Finally, after nearly 5 years, I think it's time to move on from this LJ, or at least give it a break for a while. I'm changing over to _gravity_wins for now, so add it and stuff.

1/7/06 07:59 pm - POLL TIME.

Alright kids...answer me this.

As per usual, I'm sick of my hair and have the desire to dye it once again. I've dyed it ever natural color before, and because of my skin tone, it looks fine anyways. I'm so happy it's finally getting freaking long, and yeah...I have the desire to dye it once again. I think I really want to do black again, because it was for so long, but I don't know. I've been thinking of even bleaching it blonde, but I don't want to ruin it. Hmmm.

What color do all youuu people suggest? You all know what I look like...yeah.

1/7/06 12:13 am

Just when I claim I may have to neglect ELJAYYY, I do a silly survey while procrastinating.

Everything about me, ever.Collapse )

12/9/05 05:00 pm

It hurts so, so bad.

I haven't hurt this badly since last Christmas.

But I brought it on myself this time.

Yes - I CAN still feel pain.

I've learned that.

But I also can't be who I was all those years ago.

I've moved on past that.

As my icon says - I've learned to move on.

I'm not going to hurt myself. I'm not going to hurt my friends.

Artificial happiness is stupid. It's time for something real.

It's time to love everyone again.

It's time to be at peace with myself.

It's time to meditate - and hell to mediate, too. It's time to help my friends - to help anyone I can.

It's time to take what's happened and philosophize about it.

I talked to my mom, of all people, for a long time today, and I feel better.

I'm listening to the last track of my life soundtrack I made earlier this year. And it makes sense.

Just five minutes ago I hurt so bad. But I realized a lot of things.

I have so many people to love. And above all, I love myself. Above all, I have myself. I have a self that I need to keep happy and healthy.

It hurts when someone you love thinks maybe they can't be around you anymore.

I think it will work out. But if it doesn't?

I've proved I can love again. I've been affected. I'm coming back into myself, stronger than ever. I've learned so much in my first semester here.

What's been lost, has been found again.

This entry is public - it's time to start letting people in, again.

11/7/05 10:39 am

"So I want to write my words on the face of today - and then they'll paint it."

I want to write the words and sit back and appreciate the painting when it comes together.


11/3/05 08:22 pm

Changed my layout again. I did it in like 5 seconds, so it's shitty, but...::shrugs::


10/29/05 06:55 pm


Yesterday, first day of work, I'm in the backroom, and there's a note:

"if anyone stocks this wrong, I will KILL you."

And then under that, someone had written:


Followed by


and then, finally:


And I was like, wowwww, I'm going to love it here.

And I dooo.

Anyways...ummm...stuff. Work was good today and yesterday. I just walked around, talked to people, and got silly questions. There's SIX female employees at my Gamestop. Wewt girl gamers. I HEART ALL MY COWORKERS.

Halloween party tonight. I'm a random anime girl, Brandon is Queen Amidala, Melanie is Princess Leia, Adam is a drag queen (as usual), and Alex is Vincent (from FF7). Pretty excellent. There will be pictures of course.

Something very, very strange and crappy happened last night. There will probably be a protected entry about it later.

Home in less than a week...wewt for band and football game. Afterwards I want to go to dinner with people...I know at least Celeste is coming, but Jaimee, Grady, and Merlin, I want you guys to come tooooo, and tell Jessie to come as well. YEAH.

10/22/05 09:14 pm

Oh, but guess what? I totally got hired by Gamestop in the Prudential Center today. Fuck yeah.

9/13/05 04:08 pm

Look guys, I got a Facebook. Yay for that. Add me on there if you have one.


My schedule got changed and it's all fucked up now.

On the plus side though, I don't have to go to the class that I would have been having now.

It's sooo lovely.

Oh yes...and I recommend Red Bull if you have difficulty concentrating. I'm drinking it now before morning classes, and it does wonders. It's terrible for me, but it's freaking magical. Eh, I suppose there are worse things for you than bull semen and pure Prozac.

8/15/05 07:32 pm

Six years can go by, and not much changes.

Once a lying manipulator?

Always one.

I can read people better than you would possibly imagine. o.o

(P.S. On an unrelated note, people who practice Jediism disturb me more than Furries. That's the thing about getting into a fandom. You always have the crazies. That is all.)

(P.P.S. Quote of the night is a toss up between Sarah comparing James Galway to Gilderoy Lockhart or Dave deciding that "Life" has 999,999,999,999,999 HP and "OMFG WE SO BEAT IT.")
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